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BlackBox is a sophisticated Eth and Stablecoins transfer anonymiser.

BlackBox transfers your Crypto to a new wallet, anonymously.

All transfers are 100% anonymous. We achieve this by breaking the on-chain connection between sender and receiver wallets. Sounds easy! It's actually very technical but lets focus below on the important customer benefits, which makes us unique: The BlackBox takes a small fee for each transfer (see our fees section), and for this you receive:
  • An easy transfer process. It takes only a few minutes to transfer your crypto to a wallet of your choosing, securely, secretly, and automatically.
  • Paying a bill and need to transfer a specific amount? Our built in dapp calculator allows you to transfer the exact amount of eth with absolute clarity on fees.
  • The more you use the service, the cheaper it becomes.
  • Own $BBTT? Great! Pay lower fees!
  • Own select partnership tokens? Great! You too, can enjoy lower fees!
(some of the above and much more are on our roadmap here).

The User Experience:

Visit the BlackBox using the link above. And follow some simple steps.
STEP 1: Provide the destination address for your Eth, USDC, or USDT. STEP 2: Connect you wallet to the BlackBox and make the transfer.
Your transfer will show no record of onward transaction, disconnecting the blockchain trail, anonymising your transfer.
The transfer should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and is only dependent on blockchain network speed.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is clearly one of our most top priorities. Our system is both on chain and offchain, consisting of: - BlackBox DAPP - This connects only to your wallet as a bridge and has no access to your funds, other than those your authorise. - BlackBox Smart Contract - Has all the protections of the blockchain, immutable and secure. - BlackBox Custom Code - Disconnects the sender / receiver wallets and disposes of the transfer wallet information so not even the internal team can see the transfer. You funds are secure through the entire route, providing 100% peace of mind.
Blackbox implements an innovative proprietary solution based on zero knowledge proofs and offchain rollups guiding principles, to ensure:
  • PRIVACY —> Your transactions are anonymized by breaking the onchain link between Sender and Receiver.
  • SECURITY —> Every transaction has a unique cryptographic key internally generated and subsequently validated in order to execute the transaction ensuring the ETH is sent to the correct receiver.

Customer Service:

Logic built into our process automatically checks for incorrect wallet address input formats, such as too many/few characters, incorrect syntax, as well as other checks. If an error is found, the transaction will be declined and held with the project team for refund. If your funds have not been transferred, please contact a member of the team here.
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